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Firestorm Martial Arts

Super Introductory Offer

Firestorm Martial Arts has been one of the best known martial arts clubs in Eastern Suburbs since 1991.

Our club has been instrumental in providing effective self defence and fitness programs for families, and individuals both young and old.

Now is the time for you to join our club and reap the benefits of martial arts training in a supportive and friendly atmosphere. Our special offer is a great way to test the waters without too much expense and to acquire basic skills and to increase fitness levels.

This offer is for all age groups, adults and children.

What you get with our Firestorm Martial Arts, 4 week Introductory offer:

4 weeks training with a certified instructor (up to $135-00 value)

Karate uniform – known as a Gi ($65 value)

An invitation to join our club within the 4 weeks to halve the annual registration fee. (a  saving of $33-00)

A fitter, stronger more confident you (priceless)


If you would like more information regarding this outstanding opportunity please contact our Head Instructor Mike Quin to clarify any issues or to organise a meeting to get the ball running, make your payment and be fitted for your Gi (uniform).

Upon completion of the course we again sit down and discuss what nights are suitable for your timetable and officially sign you up to the club.

Firestorm Martial Arts training is an all rounded martial art activity that includes the modern techniques of Muay Thai and boxing then blends them with other skills such as; Ground fighting (wrestling), locks, holds, throws, self-defence techniques, weaponry, pressure point strikes, multiple attack drills, meditation and much more.