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Zen Do Kai is a component of the Bob Jones Corporation, one of the largest martial arts organisations in Australia.

Zen Do kai incorporates aspects and components from many martial arts disciplines and forges them together to form a modern system of self-defence. For over forty years Zen Do Kai has provided practical, efficient and effective martial arts programs for self-defence, sport and recreation for people of all ages. Zen Do Kai’s origins are traditional however it adopts and develops the most up to date training and technical knowledge from around the world.


Zen Do Kai Black Belt Grading

August 18, 2013
Saturday 24th August at Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre (MSAC), Zen Do Kai are holding their annual black belt grading…

Extra black belt training days

August 13, 2013
Just a quick note on the remaining extra black belt training days to be held at the Firestorm Centre prior to the grading later this month…

Zen Do Kai - The Best of Everything in Progression

July 23, 2013
Article by Founder, Bob Jones Since its very conception, Zen Do Kai has meant 'the best of everything in progression'


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