Personal Training

Firestorm Fitness was established by Mike Quin who, after a long time in the fitness and martial arts arena, found that he could provide a better and more focused service for a diverse client group that focused on Motivation, Nutrition and Shape.
Nothing beats the assurance you get from one-on-one instruction with a fully qualified fitness professional.  Mike has attained diplomas in fitness and Sports coaching and is registered as a fitness professional with Fitness Australia.
Mike will design a custom exercise and lifestyle program just for you, and he will provide the motivation, guidance and education you need to feel great and get the results you’re looking for. Mike prides himself on providing you with a first-class service.
Mike has found that with proper instruction in technique (lifting weights) and a more effective workout clients will achieve their goals quicker and with a decreased risk of injury. At Firestorm Fitness, we recognize that every one of our clients is unique, and all have specific goals and needs in terms of their training. We tailor each client’s program to meet those goals and needs.

For information and bookings phone Mike on 0419327672.


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