Welcome to Firestorm Martial Arts

Firestorm Dojos is a family within the Bob Jones Corporation’s, Zen Do Kai, Freestyle Martial Arts schools. We are located in Victoria, Australia, at the outer Eastern suburbs of Melbourne. My name is Mike Quin. I am the founder of the Firestorm Dojos and invite you to wander through our web site at your leisure. You will find information here about our club and our style of martial art. We are a ‘freestyle’ martial art which means that we incorporate techniques from many other martial art’s styles, including, Karate, Taekwondo, Kung Fu, Ju Jitsu, Kendo and Muay Thai, to name just a few, and adapt them to suit today’s world. I’m sure you will find that what we do is very interesting.
We have created this web site to help us to share what we do with as many people as possible and to fill the gaps that our physical training doesn’t enable. With this in mind, we hope to increase communications amongst ourselves, our Zen Do Kai brothers and sisters throughout Australia, New Zealand and the world, and all other martial artists and interested people around the globe.

Firestorm Martial Arts opened its doors back in 1991 with about 10 students at only one training venue (dojo). It has now grown to a complement of well over 180 regular students who train at the Firestorm venues and many hundreds of students have passed through the Firestorm dojos over the years. Many of these students have progressed to the black belt level which has strengthened the whole fabric of the Firestorm family.

In Bushido, Mike Quin

Our specialization

Martial Arts
Fitness Training
Building Character
Self Defence

What others say about us

My son Richard has been training with Kyoshi Mike and other instructors for about five years. I have been consistently impressed with the high level of advice on life skills (eg ‘honour, responsibility, respect’) that make up part of the training, plus of course the physical skills. I think Kyoshi Mike has a great way with kids and strikes an excellent balance between discipline and good-natured banter, which helps create a friendly, non-threatening atmosphere. This has fostered Richard’s growth and development in a really positive way


Thanks for the bully proofing program it has already help my son and I feel confident my two girls have the ability to deal with whatever school and life can throw at them.”

“Zen Do Kai has given me the drive, focus and confidence not only to maintain my fitness but in dealing with the challenges and stresses that  work and life can present.


I have known Mike Quin for several years now as I have observed him training my daughters in karate, and more recently with me undergoing training in ‘Boot Camp Training’ sessions under his instruction.

My observation of him as a trainer is of a person who shows respect to his students and teaches the children to respect not only their training and skills they are learning with karate, but also the philosophies behind the training and those whom they may have to use those skills against.

His trainings have clearly shaped a respectful culture within the club which is obvious when meeting many of the students, children and adults alike.   His trainings and the culture of the club he has developed has helped both my children to develop confidence.   Mikes approach to teaching of the philosophies has assisted in helping my daughters to develop a respectful attitude and strength of character.

Mike also instructs my wife in Karate, and now is a personal trainer for my wife.   Regarding karate again I have seen my wife’s confidence grow.   In regards to her personal training I have also noticed that my wife no longer receives injuries as she had with previous personal training.

In recent times I have commence ‘Boot Camp Training’ with Mike and he is aware of injuries that I have and he has shown his professional approach and has adapted various training procedures that suits my requirements.

I cannot commend Mike Quin highly enough for his professional and caring approach to his training and instruction to students