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The Firestorm Bully Proofing Program was developed in association with educational and martial art professionals and local police to offer children in a bullying situation the necessary skills and tools to defuse the situation, without promoting or extending the tension or violence. It is receiving some increasing interest from local schools and parents associations. It has been used in our “Kidz Karate” classes for the past three years with outstanding results in improved self confidence and improved character traits in our students. The program gives children basic rules and guidelines to deal with the “attack” from its inception and to take control of the situation. We use simple language and role play to demonstrate the effectiveness of the program and to show the child the various verbal skills required to provide a win scenario.
The program also demonstrates that bullying does not always start with a physical action. The initiation of a verbal assault by the bully often establishes the powerplay for the following relationship between bully and victim. Studies have shown that if the “bullied” child offers even minimal verbal or postural resistance, then the level of the altercation is drastically lowered and more possibly avoided.
The program has also has profound effect on children who have not previously thought that their actions could be considered as being those of a bully. These “pranks or jokes” have often been seen by them as fun and the child has not considered the ramifications of their actions. When this has been pointed out, the child has usually changed their ways.
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