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About Us

Firestorm Martial Arts is a family focused freestyle Martial Arts school, with our head office located in Bayswater, Victoria, Australia, and branches in Pakenham and Park Orchards, all in the outer Eastern suburbs of Melbourne.

How the Centre works FAQ

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What do you need to bring & wear to my first class?

Light workout gear; shorts, track pants, T shirt, that kind of thing. We don’t wear shoes in class. Once you start training regularly you then wear your uniform to be part of the crew. You may also need a water bottle and towel.

What will I or my child learn in a Firestorm Martial Arts class?

At Firestorm you will learn a structured effective martial art that is based on proven self defence strategies. You will also improve your fitness and self confidence.

May I stay and watch my child train?

Of course. We welcome and encourage parents to watch their children train. All of our Instructors hold current accredited working with children cards so you can be confident in leaving your child at training while you attend to other matters.

What qualifications do Firestorm Instructors have?

All Firestorm instructors have current first aid qualifications, are recognised instructors under the Zen Do Kai banner, hold a minimum rank of 1st degree black belt and have current working with Children cards. Firestorm Martial Arts support our instructors in undertaking studies to increase their knowledge and qualifications throughout their teaching period.

How much do the classes cost?

We do not have contracts or direct debits. We believe people should train if they want to learn the art, not because they are locked into a contract or billing agreement. Our pricing structure varies according to the type of class taken and other pertaining facts. It is best to check the costs of your training requirements with Mike Quin directly.

How long do classes run?

Adult classes run between 60 to 90 mins depending on the class, children’s classes run for 45-60mins depending on the class.

Do you offer group and private classes?

We offer both types of classes based on your schedule and instructor availability. We also offer women’s’ self defence and “Bully Proof” programs at various times during the year.

Will there be other beginners in my class?

Absolutely!!! There are always beginners in class. Plus, the advanced students are always eager to help you get you on your way!

How many classes per week should I attend?

This is dependent on your own lifestyle schedule Most of our adult members train about 2-3 classes per week and see great results. Our child members usually train twice a week.

Am I too old or too unfit for martial arts training?

Age is a relative matter depending on the mindset of the individual. Generally, we would say once in your 50s you are nearing the maximum commencement age, but this does not mean that 60 is too old. We have many students that train well into their 60s and beyond, training every week. In regard to fitness, we say that if you can lift out of bed, you are fit enough to train. There is no pressure to have to do or keep up with the exercises. You go at your own pace and slowly improve over time. We are committed to your ongoing health and vitality….long term.


    Zen Do Kai is a component of the Bob Jones Corporation, one of the largest martial arts organisations in Australia. Our Adult Martial Arts Classes use this system at firestorm.

  • Fyte Fit

    Fyte Fit classes are arguably “the best fat burning workout around”. By combining boxing and kickboxing techniques with the conditioning attributes of ground fighting (MMA) we have designed an effective workout that challenges the participant to strive and achieve their best outcomes.

  • Kidz Kickstart Karate

    The Zen Do Kai ‘Kidz Kickstart Karate’ program is designed essentially for Primary School aged children between the ages of 5-12 years.

  • Little Dragons

    Little Dragons is the Firestorm Dojos martial arts class for children 3 to 5 years of age.

  • Boot Camps

    Firestorm “No Excuses” Boot Camp training offers a complete overall total workout that uses a combination of interval training, body weight training, lifting weights/objects, and various types of intense explosive routines and plyometrics. Sessions usually finish with stretching and cool down. Firestorm “No Excuses” Boot Camps – exercise sessions for an overall fitness experience.

What’s New at Firestorm

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